Austin Moore, Film Sound

Mixer & Recorder
• Sound Devices 664 - 6 channel time code recorder
• Sound Devices 442 - 4 channel bag mixer
• Tascam DR-40 - backup recorder

• Sennheiser MKH 50 - hypercardioid microphone
• Sennheiser MKH 416t - short shotgun microphone
• (2x) Sonotrim STR-BML+ - lavalier microphones
• Mickey Miub-minc Siature - lavalier microphone

• (2x) Lectrosonics UCR205D / LMa, LM

Booms, Windscreens & Shock mounts
• VDB M 9' & L 12.8' carbon fiber boom poles
• Rycote Softie for all mics & Windjammer for the 416 Softie
• Rycote zeppelin with Windjammer for the 416
• Rycote InVision shock mounts for all microphones

• 25" PSC ENG brake away cable
• XLR cables for both boom poles
• Red Scarlet, Epic & Red One cables
• assorted adapter cables

• Switronics Pro-X lithium NP battery kit
• iPower 9v lithium battery kit
• Powerex lithium AA battery kit
• 2x Sennheiser HD 25-1 II headphones
• Sla

sound bagAustin has a very complete, and excellently maintained kit, featuring top-drawer equipment. In addition to this, Austin also has a wealth of cables and accessories for any kind of routing you may require, from DV to digital cinema. If you require an item not in Austin's kit, however, it's only a rental away.